Lifestyle Management

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Lifestyle Management--Wouldn't it be nice to just sit back and allow your plan for life to unfold in front of you while you get to enjoy the ride? Working with full Lifestyle Management, we work to help you to optimize all areas of life that contribute to an optimal human existence. We as human beings have certain needs and life balances to be able to fully thrive. These balances vary per individual. With Lifestyle Management we bring in all the services offered to create a lifestyle for you to thrive in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.



Physical Health Management

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Focus on using Nutrition, Exercise, and Nervous system training to optimize health and work with balancing and/or reversing any disease conditions presented or any at-risk health states. 

Specialties include working with: Diabetes, Obesity, and Hormonal Imbalance



Emotional Health Management

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With stress being the main factor leading to life's dissatisfaction and disease, the emotional health management service works specifically to help those suffering from excessive stress, anxiety, and/or depression. We use techniques such as psycho therapeutic models for emotional processing, mindfulness exercises, and stress reduction exercises.

Specialties Include: Stress Reduction, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia.

Spiritual Connection

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nosce te ipsum, "Know Thyself" - Greek Proverb

One of the largest voids in many individuals’ lives is their spiritual disconnect. When speaking of spiritual disconnect, this is referring to one’s own personal relationship to the truth of themselves. Who are you? What is your purpose? What is the intention/purpose of your life?

Feeling disconnected from one’s heart and/or higher consciousness can lead to feelings of disconnect with those around you and the flow of life. Working with spiritual connection includes endeavors into learning introductory to advanced meditative practices, exploring root cause of repetitive emotional/behavior cycles in one’s life and help to break free.

Learning energetically to be more aware of one’s state and energetic balance. This includes somatosensory therapeutic models to help build awareness of the subtle connection between the emotional and physical body. We learn how to feel emotion in our body and how to shift state and release emotional charges energetically.

Specialties Include: embodied spirituality, emotional awareness, energetic awareness, connecting to one’s heart, spiritual intimacy, polarity