Heartfelt Healing Center Of Awakening is a space where you can come to reconnect with your best and highest self. We focus on wellness at its core.

We don't just view our clients as the symptoms they come in with. Symptoms can range from physiological imbalances (i.e. diabetes, obesity, etc.), emotional imbalance (stress, depression, anxiety etc.), lack of life purpose/direction, and/or feeling of spiritual disconnect.


We look at our clients as human beings whose needs should be met in multiple venues of life to obtain optimal health and wellness.


We strive to provide the best possible services to our clientele to help them feel supported and empowered in their life's transitions.

Whether that transition is to lose weight, find spiritual freedom, gain energy, release stress, find balance in one's life, deal with an illness or just to overall feel better.


Our focus is on a personalized lifestyle modification program that deals with root causes and balancing one’s entire lifestyle to achieve higher states of wellness and emotional freedom.